The Bati H gets a new look


In the last several years, did you hear about H frame by Hoyez ?

Discover the brand new version of this H frame, designed with a new profile: the HBDW80.

An aluminum frame designed to quickly and easily integrate all hOyez doors into a wall and thus harmonize the aesthetic appearance of a space whatever the type of partition.

A door frame suitable for drywalls from 74 to 160mm

The H frame is getting a new look!
You will be amazed by the 2021 version, totally redesigned for your space planning .
The door frame now fits all drywall sizes from 74 to 160mm.

The ideal solution for integrating swing doors into your drywalls.

Benefits of bâti H

This new frame will offer you the same advantages as the glazed frame, namely :

  • clean and neat assembly : the profile and finishing angle are to be installed on mounted drywall.
  • easy installation thanks to the holding wedges and its fixing system by screw bracket.
  • a capping 10mm more than our previous frame, or 25mm of capping in total.

Compatibility with our products

The H frame is compatible with most of our solutions.

    Adapted doors:
  • Aluminum frame doors hOyez
  • Wooden doors, with or without sliding transom
  • Glass doors, with or without transom
    Hanging systems:
  • Standard hinges
  • New hinges
  • Pivots

Do not hesitate to ask your regional contact for more information, or contact us directly to learn more about the H frame.

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