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PRO Space

Designed to make it fast and easy to find and download information, whatever the day or time when it is required, the PRO space is dedicated to Premium Partners & Partners of the brand hoyez – partitionsystems; to give them a technical and sales “toolbox”.

As a marketing support, this information aims to help its members to promote their know-how and highlight their expertise.

Download documentation

Once downloaded, the documents are available for commercial, sales purposes and must in no case be given to competing manufacturers.

Download pictures and logos

The pictures are available in 72 dpi. They are suitable for the illustration of folders, presentation or the web. When the pictures and/or logos have been downloaded, the user agrees to the following:

– For every use of a visual, picture supplied, the user agrees to include in the photo credit, required for each use: ” hoyez – partitionsystems – Pictures cannot be guaranteed” and ensure that any comments or captions going with the reproduction or representation of these pictures do not harm either the reputation of Hoyez SAS nor hoyez – partitionsystems.

– For every use of the hoyez – partitionsystems, the user agrees to comply with the graphics and the colour chart assigned.

These requirements must also be met for the use of pictures / logos by any external service providers called upon by the participating company.

Members of PRO Space

These Terms of Use apply to the use of the documents, pictures and visuals available to its members. They must therefore necessarily be known and respected by the participating company or any service company used.

Therefore, when connecting to PRO Space, the members agree to comply with these Terms of Use.

In case of violation of this undertaking, Hoyez SAS will be entitled to demand the complete withdrawal of the photos used and all commercial publications made on behalf of the participating company. It may also proceed to unsubscribe such companies from PRO Space for breach of the Terms of Use.

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