Access control consists in authorizing or not the access of an establishment and its interior spaces. This device makes it possible to protect people, goods or information simply. Find out what access control is and how it is implemented at hOyez.

Objectives of access control

The access control system can be set up in a company, for several reasons.

Your company has different spaces, which do not require the same access slots: offices, workshop, catering, leisure…

It is important to regulate access to these spaces to avoid any overflow. In this case, access control will allow you to limit access according to defined user profiles or established time slots.

Do you have a large number of spaces and want to facilitate access? The access control system allows you to lock the various doors without keys. Forget the bunch of 1000 keys, and the flowchart key that will allow everyone to open most of the doors present.


Access control offers significant functionality compared to ordinary locks, allowing different access rights to be defined for different users. Indeed, your employees do not all have the same needs, and some require more extensive rights than others.

This makes it easy for you to create user groups :

Group A could have access to offices and leisure / catering areas.

Group B requires more extensive access to archives, servers, equipment room or other more sensitive areas.

With access control, you can define user groups, but also time slots. Like most businesses, you want to keep access closed during certain time slots. At night, but also outside the periods of use of certain spaces. The dining room will therefore only be accessible at noon. Other areas requiring close surveillance will also only be able to accommodate users at certain slots in order to minimize passage. Thus, access control gives you additional security.


Beyond these functions, the electric strike has several advantages.

The lost key problem has big consequences for the company. This key can be easily found and used by outsiders. For the loss of a badge, you just have to desactivate the latter in order to avoid any inconvenience. A real security asset.

Access control will also allow you to build a history (follow-up) of the opening and closing of doors. You can therefore easily trace the accesses to the building if necessary.

No more searching through dozens of THE key you need. From now on, you just need a badge to open any door in your establishment.

Finally, access control allows you, after defining users and time slots, to easily modify them. This device has great flexibility for any need to change your settings.

Access control has undeniable advantages that will make everyday life easier for many businesses. At hOyez, we offer electric strikes compatible with our Tertial, Lineal, H3 and Wood doors. This device is now part of our offer and can, depending on your needs, make your life easier.

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