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H Transparence | Glass office partition

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H Transparence | Glass office partition H Transparence | Glass office partition

Designed to the minimum, the frameless Transparence gives a pure and minimalist look to your living spaces. This fully height single glass office partition was done for all the living spaces fittings without any acoustic requirement. Junction between glazings is done thanks to an anodized aluminium or polycarbonate connecting strip. Increase natural lighting in your work area to your employees wellness. They will thank you !

Std dimensions
Dimension(s) (mm)

Specific aspects

Configuration(s)|Glass office partition HT

Glass office partition

  • Single glazing with polished chamfered edges
  • edge to edge
  • full height
  • thick

Assembly |Glass office partition HT

Aluminium frame, 30mm thickness

Standard height up to 3000mm (> 3000mm: upon request)

Glazing maintained vertically:

  • Anodized aluminium
  • Polycarbonate I-shaped connecting strip

Angles :

  • Connecting strip 2D / 3D
  • Anodized aluminium or polycarbonate connecting strip 2D / 3D

Assembly: bracket

Doors|Glass office partition HT

Doors options:

  • Swing doors
  • Hinges / Pivots
  • Glazed over panel / Full height

Recommended doors:

All our doors

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