Cloison H'transparence

The H’Transparence partition is celebrating its 8th anniversary and is taking the opportunity to treat itself to a serious facelift! The original version was limited to 10-12mm glazing. The new HT will now be able to accommodate glazing from 10 mm to 16.8 mm (88/2) resulting in better acoustics, an installation height of up to 3800mm and a guardrail guarantee.

New features of the H'Transparence partition:

High-performance acoustics

Despite the thinness of its frame (34mm), the HT partition can now achieve sound insulation of up to 40 dB Rw/RA with single 16.8mm glazing. Good insulation for a small thickness.

Certified bodyguard

The new HT partition is again railing-certified with 88/2 edge-to-edge adhesive-coated glazing up to 3800mm in height.

cloison HT

Up to 3800 mm in height

Faced with increasingly high heights in development projects, the HT partition is now certified as DTU-compliant up to 3800 mm with the following glazing combinations:

– up to 3000 mm: 10 mm – 55/2 (10.8 mm)

– up to 3300 mm: 12 mm – 66/2 (12.8 mm)

– up to 3600 mm: 15 mm

– up to 3800 mm: 88/2 (16.8 mm)

Simplified assembly

Leitmotiv of all our product developments, the simplification of the installation is always at the heart of our concerns.

This new HT partition therefore brings its share of innovations in this field with the following developments:

  • only 4 profiles (instead of 7);
    wedging and maintenance of the glazing facilitated by the creation of two new adjustment parts (HT2008V + PLAM2015P);
  • A single glazing bead and any height to be clipped to the base of the profile on the ground, thus avoiding a line of demarcation between the 2 profiles; a rigid glazing seal to slide to ensure perfect hold of the glazing (from 10 mm) in the partition; a profile connection piece (HTRAVAR40V) to facilitate the management of variable angles.

HT door frame options

The profile of the door frame has been modified to allow new choices not previously possible with the frame of the original version. This new frame, 60 mm thick, offers new possibilities:

integration of options: invisible door closer with a Lineal door, full-height door electric strikes, invisible hinges.
compatibility frame / partition H5 (60 mm deep) which allows the creation of a vertical technical module next to the door (management of electrical outlets / access controls, etc.).

This new HT frame also offers the possibility of a harmonious junction between the HT partition and the single-glazed H5T partition.

A further step towards the interconnection of our partition systems !

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