hOyez provides you with a solution to boost the acoustic performance of the H7 partition, thanks to new applications

The requirements for sound insulation are always increasing. hOyez provides high-performance solutions in this field, with an extensive range of certifications in many acoustic setups. And we can go even FURTHER…

Boost the acoustics !
Up to 50 dB Rw (49 Ra) in a glazed H7 partition

An additional solution is now available to boost the acoustic performance of H7 partitions, thanks to new applications.
A new 50 mm cover trim (H7049) has been designed to enable glazing covers for the H7T (H7059 and H7046) to be
used in the standard assembly of H7 with uprights (vertical mullions) and cover trims.
This makes it possible to integrate 55/2 and 66/2 glass in standard H7 glazed partitions.

An extra 5dB !

With this cover trim, we can now achieve a performance level of 49 dB in Ra for a H7 glazed setup, i.e. an extra 5 dB
compared with our previous highest certification (44 dB in Ra: 44/2 Silence + 33/2).
There are two additional advantages to using this 50 mm cover trim It provides an aesthetic and technical solution for:
– connecting 2 Transparence partitions of more than 3 modules (3,000 to 3,600 mm)
– fitting a glazed overpanel with glass of more than 44/2 and width 3,000 mm

This makes all the difference in projects where these criteria are essential.

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