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The Lineal door has single glazed assembly with the frame on both sides, together with 76mm-thick profiles.

This profile width ensures it is perfectly rigid over greater heights (up to 2950mm), while still having a sleek design.

Developed as a single or double swing door, it comes with a choice of two fixing systems:

>anodized or lacquered standard hOyez hinges, for all types of door cases and partitions

>invisible hinges for H7 with a reinforced frame.

5 important features

#1. Its advantage: unbeatable acoustics with single glazing

According to the configuration of Lineal, the sound insulation varies from 38-41 dB Rw / 37-40dB RA.
Versions without an automatic skirting have been developed for cases where an air intake under the door is required.

#2. Guaranteed rigidity

For very high doors, due to the 76mm vertical and horizontal posts.

#3. Two fixing systems

Hung on standard hOyez hinges (for all types of door cases and partition) and very soon on invisible hinges (only
for H7 with reinforced posts)

#4. Specific built-in lock

  • With or without a European cylinder
  • Machining is possible for a Kaba cylinder
  • Oval or rectangular rose
  • Choice of 8mm square fitting

#5. Automatic and invisible skirting

Single or double swing door, the LINEAL door breaks all acoustic records with a rigid and light frame. Don’t hesitate to discover this new door !

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